ES-Divers has a long history of safe and reliable service in the marine construction industry.  By making use of our multi-talented staff and locations across the country, ES-Divers is able to mobilize quickly and offer expert advice and timely completion, as well as competitive rates for projects of any size.

Our services include:

  • Underwater epoxy
  • Underwater welding, cutting, and burning
  • Underwater hydraulic tool service
  • Concrete and aggregate form work and pouring aid
  • Pile jacketing, repair, and removal
  • Underwater and surface rigging services
  • Valve and gate installation/replacement
  • Cofferdam fabrication and installation
  • Jetting and airlifting services

Project Highlights

CSX Transportation (CSXT)

Various Locations Country Wide

ES-Divers has completed a variety of high profile projects for CSXT.  These projects range in scope from welding repairs of damaged steel sheet pilings, to salvage of track elements and full hazmat tank cars, and 900’ semi submerged penetrations to inspect for damaged subterranean infrastructure.  It is ES-Divers’ focus on safety and meticulous attention to detail from start to finish that make us CSXT’s go to team for in water projects of any size.

Washington  County Pennsylvania

Cross Creek Dam By Pass Valve and Main Gate replacement

Project Numbers: 3884, 5672

ES-Divers was tasked with replacing the original gate at Cross Creek Dam as it could no longer be adjusted to acceptable leak by standards.  A custom cofferdam for the intake was fabricated and installed by ES-Divers.  After sealing and dewatering, the existing gate was disassembled and removed from the bottom of the 75’ deep riser.  After lowering the new style gate into place with a custom-built winch system, ES-Divers installed the new gate and had it inspected by an engineer from the manufacturer company.  Finally, a new mid water bypass valve was installed and a custom stem and guide system was fabricated and installed by ES-Divers.

Velotta Construction

ES Diver using underwater broco torch to trim rebar to correct length before concrete form installation.

ES Diver using underwater broco torch to trim rebar to correct length before concrete form installation.

New Martinsville, West Virginia

ES-Divers was responsible for a 2 month project consisting of underwater epoxy of rebar and tie in for new rebar as well as in water construction of forms and pouring of new concrete to spec as set by the client engineer.  Additionally, ES-Divers maintained oversite of the latter portion of the project up to conclusion of repairs to the Main Street Bridge.

Layne Heavy Civil

Various Locations

ES-Divers has completed a multitude of projects for the Layne Collector Well division. These projects include simple in water valve closures and digital flow testing to full valve replacement and construction of entire new wells.  ES-Divers’ ability to adapt to new situations and willingness to work together with the client on site has led to the development of more efficient installation methods and tooling for many of the dozens of projects in which we have been involved. 

Ohio Department of Natural Resources

H-pile mapping and removal for odnr.

H-pile mapping and removal for odnr.

In December 2009, ES-Divers was contracted to locate submerged H-piles for a marina renovation project. Large H-piles had been broken off below the water line during the removal of the old marina docks, and the exact locations of the H-piles were unknown. These H-piles and other obstructions presented a significant hazard to recreational boaters, and also prevented the project area from being dredged. ES-Divers used search patterns and a custom underwater metal detector to locate the submerged H-piles and mark with buoys. The diver then coordinated with surveyors on site topside to record the elevation and location of the pilings using DGPS and a staff gage.

Based on ES-Divers' performance in locating and mapping of the H-piles, the ES dive crew was re-contracted to excavate and burn the H-piles off below the predetermined dredge elevation.

In May 2010, ES-Divers arrived at the marina renovation site with underwater burning and jetting capabilities to remove 11 submerged H-piles. The entire project, from set up to break down, was completed in 3 days which kept the marina renovation project on schedule to be opened for the summer boating months. ES-Divers provided ODNR with new elevations of the H-piles below the dredge line to be added.