At ES-Divers, our tried and true safety management system is the cornerstone and driving force behind our group. We have developed a culture of like-minded professionals who understand the importance of making safety their top priority. At ES-Divers, safety is more than just a concept or empty statement; our safety-based culture is company-wide and what sets us apart from the competition. Our system focuses on preventing accidents through proactive hazard recognition, risk assessment and control, routine in-house training sessions with our Health and Safety Officer, and empowering staff to conduct their work in a way that protects themselves, others, and the environment.

ES-Divers safely and efficiently completes projects as both a solo contractor and while working with larger companies from various industries. Projects are often performed in remote locations with harsh conditions, requiring the execution of extremely complex tasks. We take pride in our ability to assess, manage, and mitigate risks while accomplishing our objectives with precision and excellence. 

Our safety management system has held up against increasingly high industry standards, confirmed time and time again through audits from companies and organizations such as BP, Shell Petroleum, CSX Transportation, Canadian National Railroad, and the United States Army Corps of Engineers.  Additionally, ES-Divers has maintained qualification with contractor management services such as Avetta, formerly PICS, since 2010, as well as ISNetworld since 2014. 

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