ES-Divers provides a multitude of services for a variety of government entities and municipal clients. We provide in water services for emergency needs, long term contracts, and everything in between.   

Some of our services include:

  • Trash rack and traveling screen inspection, rehab, and repair
  • Clarifier pool inspection, maintenance, and repair
  • Sluice gate and various valve type inspection repair and replacement
  • Confined space and contaminated diving
  • Stem guide inspection, balance, and replacement
  • AWWA compliant potable water diving
  • Off shore and inland intake crib inspection and repair
  • Underwater and topside burning, welding, and fabrication
  • Salvage and recovery
  • Break wall, docks, and moorings installation, inspection, and repair
  • Floating containment boom installation and monitoring

Project Highlights

City of Toledo, OH Division of Water

Project Number: 8195

Services Provided:  Diving inspection of offshore intake crib and surge well

ES-Divers have held a contract for the last 4 years with the City of Toledo, OH to inspect and perform routine maintenance as well as emergency repairs to the offshore intake system and the plant surge well. 

City of Columbus, OH

Services Provided:  Potable water storage inspections

ES-Divers has performed several inspections of the underground potable water storage tanks for the City of Columbus, Ohio.  ES-Divers combine quick response times with a sterling safety record as well as trained confined space entrant divers with AWWA compliant potable water diving standards to provide the City with the quality inspections and reporting they have come to expect.

City of Cleveland Ohio

Project Numbers:  5538, 5547, 5546

Services Provided: Whiskey Island Marina salvage and break wall recovery

ES-Divers has worked with the City of Cleveland, Ohio and its marinas in many different capacities over the years.  ES-Divers was tasked with recovering the steel break wall after its moorings broke.  Its location was mapped and all shackles and mooring chains where located and salvaged.  The entire break wall was then brought back to shore for crane recovery.  Additionally, ES-Divers has been involved with both small- and large-scale boat salvage operations ranging from simple crane recovery to complex lift bag flotation, pump out, and towing.

ES-Divers preparing to enter clarifier pool using helmet-mounted video and full-sealed vulcanized dry suit.

ES-Divers preparing to enter clarifier pool using helmet-mounted video and full-sealed vulcanized dry suit.

Westview Water Authority

Project Numbers: 6207, 5983, 7460

Services Provided:  Sluice gate and stem guide inspection and repair; clarifier wheel replacement

ES-Divers inspected all portions of the sluice gate, stem, guides, and operator visually and with live feed in water video to allow both ES top side dive supervisor and client maintenance personnel to determine why the gate would not open fully.  It was found that two of the stem guides had failed and allowed one section of stem to become bent.  The damaged stem guides where replaced and the bent section of stem was removed and replaced. 

ES-Divers also regularly replaces worn or out of date wheels and casters on clarifier pool arms, saving the client from unnecessary and costly down time associated with draining the pool.

Washington Pennsylvania

Project Numbers: 3884, 5672

Services Provided: Cross Creek Dam bypass valve and main gate replacement

ES-Divers was tasked with replacing the original gate at Cross Creek Dam as it could no longer be adjusted to acceptable leak by standards.  A custom cofferdam for the intake was fabricated and installed by ES-Divers.  After sealing and dewatering, the existing gate was disassembled and removed from the bottom of the 75’ deep riser.  After lowering the new style gate into place with a custom-built winch system, ES-Divers installed the new gate and had it inspected by an engineer from the manufacturer company.  Finally, a new mid water bypass valve was installed and a custom stem and guide system was fabricated and installed by ES-Divers.